A unique place in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro

About Us

A place that is characterized by specific mood setting, original location, wide choice of quality food and drink, carefully selected cultural and entertainment program and unique music concept. By being all that, this restaurant in Podgorica is the perfect choice for celebrating important life events such as birthdays and baptisms, as well as bigger celebration events, given that it has a big seating and standing capacity.At first glance and the first bite taken, this restaurant will win you over and make you come back again. Friendly and helpful staff are there for any suggestion or assistance you need, in order to help you visiting this restaurant remains in a beautiful memory.

Come and visit us !!!

What to expect?

The interior of the restaurant is nice and warm, the service is professional and well trained in making guests feel like home and the food we serve is delicious and diverse. In our menu you can find various types of meat, cheeses, soups, pasta, and other specialties made by our professional master chefs whose mission is amazing you with omnifarious meals. Since Desetka Restaurant strives to be a place where everyone will feel comfortable, the menu is opulent and to compliment a freshly made gourmand meal, the wine list of the restaurant is very extensive and contains many excellent wines from the region and other parts of the world.

Our mission

“We love to feed our souls, minds, the need for greatness and bodies.”

Feeding the senses, desire or curiosity, we strive to satisfy the hunger of those wishing to risk, seek for pleasure of surprise and exploring the unknown. For it to be possible, we are questioning the gastronomy world and rethinking our social habits. We strive to perfect a context where dining gives the free reigning of senses, such as smell, taste and sight, and for them to overcome impositioning of customs. Throughout your stay in our lovely oasis of challenging your senses, our mission is to tell the untold tale of gestures, stories and emotions experienced while sitting at the table and enjoying a meal with your loved ones. The food that is opulent in flavors, aromas, smells, textures and colors is here for you to enjoy and feel them with all your senses which will be surely stimulated and will evoke some customs that you’ve never experienced in a setting of a restaurant.

Our team

Our team is a team of visionaries who are completely dedicated to their work, completing the mission of Desetka, the professionals who continuously work on keeping the flame which burns for making Podgorica a challenge for those who enjoy exploring, meeting and learning about new cultures, by working on perfecting themselves, learning new ropes and passing the culture and love for what they do. Our staff is doubtlessly the perfect staff which one could only dream of. They are the key which opens every door of safe for Montenegrin secrets, the secrets which will amaze you and make you irrevocably fall in love with Podgorica and Montenegrin cuisine. If you wandered in our restaurant with hunger that needs to be tamed, our lovely waiters will advise you and help you make a perfect choice for keeping the hunger tamed. The striving to make our beloved guests feel like home is the priority of our staff, so feel free to ask because we will make sure Desetka stays in your best memory. The taste of meals would not be what it is without our staff. Our staff are the knowledge, the compassion, the energy, the passion and the heartbeat that makes Desetka the best restaurant in Podgorica.

Our menu

Desetka’s menu is perfectly combining heap of narratives through its dishes, smoothly plays with the fresh, organic and top quality ingredients from the surrounding Podgorica region. Courses which take the guests through a journey which explores the Montenegrin traditional cuisine with a modern twist, maybe your favorite pasta dish spiced with usual Montenegrin taste or a black risotto representing the travel experience, local coastline and seasonality. Along with the wide range of masterpieces on a plate, we advise you to give in yourself to Montenegro experience and try local delicacies like Njeguški steak or Podgorički popeci. As we like to call them journeys, and not meals, like Njeguški steak and Podgorički popeci are representing the best of Montenegro, the synergy between traditional meat plate and modern twists which, ostensibly, sound impossible, but when you taste them you realize how perfectly they fit. Our menu is constantly changing, growing and perfecting itself by the hard work and investment of our kitchen staff, so besides the usual meals in Podgorica restaurants, you can assure yourself to be surprised by gastronomical masterpieces in Desetka. Join us on every day in the week, maybe in the morning for a delightful breakfast in Podgorica, surprising lunch or a relaxing late dinner because our working hours are from 7AM to 2AM.

Our services

We take pride in being a versatile place which is a fusion restaurant - bar in Podgorica. It has always been the perfect place for meal meet ups that are attracting families with children, business people who took their business to discuss over a unique meal, tourists and people who are interested in having fun considering the fact that our offer is highly versatile and varies from serving breakfast and hosting the best nightlife in Podgorica. Besides being the best eating place in Podgorica, we offer event hosting for all major events in your life like baptism, wedding or a business dinner or services of catering in Podgorica for any of the events above. Whether your event was a bachelorette or a bachelors party, birthday or a simple night out with your favorite friends; you can count on our staff for expert recommendations and exclusive service to make your event a perfect one. Cut the velvet rope, walk in on a red carpet, feel like a superstar and let our lovely staff sincerely make you feel like a VIP. While in Desetka, you can get a cup of coffee tailored just for you, per your special demands, by our educated baristas which are giving this place a label of best coffee place in Podgorica, or refresh yourself with one of detox juices which are made by organic and fresh fruits. We have a great choice of sweet desserts for those who get a sweet tooth. Have you ever heard of a Raspberrymisu? It’s a Tiramisu with a twist of raspberries which you can try and be amazed with at our place, and in case your mission was to find the best crepe place in Podgorica - search no more. Wide offer of over 15 differently topped crepes will leave you speechless. We will be honoured to welcome you in our special sanctuary of tastes, textures, smells and visual challenges, so, book a table and let us guide you through a original, unforgettable experience of what Montengero is all about.