If you are planning a celebration, socializing or a corporate event - the restaurant-bar "Desetka" can be your perfect choice. With the discreet service of our professional staff - you just have to enjoy yourself. We have several varied menus available, which we can further customize for your taste. Our wine offer with over 100 labels from different regions of the world perfectly complements the richness of the taste of our cuisine. The restaurant has over 280 seating places or 620 standing capacity and for smaller groups, up to 20 guests, we have a completely separated part of the restaurant. During December, the restaurant hosts a rich entertainment program that can be adapted to corporate needs of hosting a Christmas party for the employees.

Podgorica events

Podgorica events are perfect place to host a corporate event for your employees, business meetings and b2b events for business partners. Our team has entertainment and production backgrounds, which taught them that joining technical expertise, an eye for perfection and arts is what brings the event to life. We, defining ourselves as event planning experts, cherish our respected guests and our currency is the value of an amazing guest experience. In these times, where we are being constantly flooded with numerous information and we come across various challenges to get the message through, our team is taking artistic, inclusive and thoughtful approach in order to create experiences that you and your guests will remember forever, the experiences that initiate conversations, shareable moments and wide range of emotions. Desetka’s expertise is producing sophisticated, thoughtful, innovative and breathtaking events in Podgorica driven by a belief that storytelling is what is driving our creative approach to business events.

The backbone of our event management are people who have heaps of experience in the business of entertainment and managing the most successful events. Our diverse team includes people with different backgrounds in media, marketing, brand management and arts. While having a lot of experience and countless immaculate events behind us, team of Desetka restaurant bar in Podgorica understands, that in order to genuinely engaging a guest, desired ideas should be completely brought down to the tiniest detail. So whether our master chefs come up with an exotic menu, or our creative team suggest an ambitious concept with many detailed ideas, we will make it happen and our guests will leave the event driven, excited, content and inspired. What makes our events different because we cherish qualities like intelligence, kindness, professionalism and humor and adding these factors to our events make them appealing. When you include those qualities in a brand event, it gets its human side and leaves the effect of treating people like people and a feel like home experience. Our experiences are created to connect business and brands with people in a way they connect and communicate with each other.

Event management

Event management is crucial in the business world. What makes Desetka a special Podgorica event agency is that we are adding an emotional element to a comprehensive event management and the experience of sole event. The elements we follow while creating a perfect business event, wedding or any important event make them the perfect experience which our guests will remember with a bright smile on their faces. Our strategy is primarily to understand the vision of our guests, to brainstorm the key objectives and to implement the plan perfectly, paying attention to every detail. After putting together the perfect strategy we engage in conceptualizing and designing the immaculate creative details. While engaging in development we take care of planning and prepping the event from A to Z - meaning we take care of the menu, the drinks, the decoration and other event logistics - all that while perfectly allocating the budget. Desetka is the best restaurant in Podgorica, as stated by our wonderful guests, so we take pride in creating amazing menus, finger food and beverages to suit everyone and to indulge the most demanding guests.

Wedding planner Podgorica

Desetka - best wedding planner in Podgorica. Why? You made a commitment to your significant other. You two have a special story and we understand that every wedding is a special, personal, up close reflection of two amazing individuals. Desetka’s team, our wedding catering and event planners will listen to your wishes and desires and make sure to do whatever it takes to guide you and create the perfect unforgettable day. Our perfect interior decor, immaculate menu and catering services are the thing that will give your special day a perfect twist. There is no better place to celebrate the love of two beautiful people than Podgorica. That’s why your search for wedding catering in Podgorica has come to end. If you were looking for immaculate hors d’oeuvres catering in Podgorica, Desetka comes to save the day. Whether you desired the small passed appetizers, finger food or hors d’oeuvres, we assure you, our dishes will make a statement, impress your guests and every guest of your special day will be happy. Also, we understand that weddings are different,that’s why our master chefs can provide you with a wide variety of options for your wedding catering in Podgorica. We take time to meet, conversate and understand each of our customers so we can design an immaculate menu that will exceed every expectation.