Food and Drinks

Desetka is a amazing restaurant that offers you the perfect choice of dishes made with love and pleasure, and is characterized by the simplicity and richness of taste, smell and color. The delicacies offered by this restaurant are hard to describe - it's best to try them out and to see why Desetka is the perfect spot for real gourmands. Our restaurant also has a whole range of quality wines, and in case if you are not a wine expert, our friendly staff will surely help you and suggest a wine that goes perfectly with the flavors on your plate. And if you prefer to eat at home, we have great news for you! All delicacies from our menu can be ordered by phone or via our website and delivered to your home or hotel address. Our friendly couriers will deliver your order as soon as possible, and it is up to you to enjoy the harmony of tastes that our master chefs were saving just saving for you. We appreciate the opinion of our wonderful guests, so please do not forget to leave us a review!

The best restaurant in Podgorica

The best restaurant in Podgorica, at least according to reviews and returnee guests, is definitely restaurant Desetka. We strive to meet the demands of the most demanding guests with constantly upgrading our wide range of offered dishes. The meals at our restaurant are made from the best quality and fresh ingredients and with the great love, effort and skills of our professional chefs whose greatest compliments are the guests who are happy to return to Desetka. Our mission is to make every guest feel welcome, so our kind staff is happy to help with an expert advice if you are not sure what to order to eat or a drink. Show us your trust and allow this restaurant to delight you with delicious meals.

Local food in Podgorica

Local food - what local people are worshiping and tourists are hardly waiting to try! Montenegro local food is like its country - a well-hidden jewel, full of tradition, ready to reveal you secrets that will surprise your senses of vision, taste and smell. Traditional food of Montenegro can be described as a combination of continental and Mediterranean cuisine with Montenegrin twist. Because of its geographic position, Montenegro is blessed with excellent climate and natural conditions for the development of agriculture and livestock farming, so it offers the best of the quality vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and seafood and a multitude of herbs. Most of what expects you in Montenegrin cuisine you have already seen or consumed, but in traditional Montenegrin recipes that have been passed over through centuries, made with interesting taste combinations that will surely surprise you. One thing you can’t take away from the Montenegrins - the excellence of hosting, the smile and the opulent table that awaits you wherever you are. We, your hosts, are waiting for you to introduce you to the taste of the tradition of Montenegro. Montnegrin cuisine is abundant with simplicity that simultaneously exudes the richness of foods, smells and flavors. First of all, your senses will be tingled by appetizers like Montenegrin plate, fried olives or a plate of excellent homemade Montenegrin cheeses. For the main dish in Desetka, try the traditional Podgorica Popeci, which are a very interesting dish. Podgorički popeci are an interestingly arranged meal consisting of a roasted veal, wrapped around a piece of cream cheese called kajmak and prosciutto making it an excellent dish that is characterized by the tastefulness and richness of flavors from the inside, and from the outside of the delicious and crunchy crust . In the tenth this dish is served with baked potatoes and corresponding sauces. Also, it is common knowledge that Montenegrins are barbecue experts, so with the offer of traditional ćevapi, grilled chicken, cheese stuffed meat patties called uštipci, white “vješalice” and excellent variety of meat patties, we recommend that you try our Desetka Meat consisting of ćevapi, sausages, white vješalice, chicken and baked potatoes are joined with a new taste on the plate - fried bacon! Try also standard dishes such as your favorite pasta and risottos that have a special taste made with the patient and expert hands of our kitchen staff. If you are looking for local food in Podgorica, do not look further. Go to Desetka and discover all the secrets of Montenegrin cuisine in the pleasant ambience of our restaurant.

Pizza in Podgorica

Pizza in Podgorica is certainly the most ordered dish. A meal which recipe dates from ancient times when the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans made up a meal in the form of a flat bun that was enriched with herbs, onions and garlic, and King Dari's Persian army ate a thin dough topped with cheese and dates. But over time, numerous Mediterranean, as well as world-wide, cultures have developed their versions of the toppings that they put on the dough. In our restaurant you can order "usual" pizzas like margherita, vesuvio,quattro formaggi, but since you are in Montenegro, we recommend you to try the pizza Black Delight, Bresaola or the “pizza of the house” - Desetka for which only our pizza masters know the recipe to. Whether you are looking for pizza delivery in Podgorica or a restaurant where you want to eat the best pizza in Podgorica - Desetka is the place for you. The exquisitely decorated interior and welcoming, always smiling staff await you.

Food delivery in Podgorica

Food delivery in Podgorica is one of the most common solutions for those who are hungry. Most commonly consumed are fast food or pizza, but what distinguishes Desetka, and makes it the best restaurant in Podgorica, is our wide offer of delicious, but above all, healthy and nutritionally valuable food. If you are having a party for friends, you got hungry at work, you are too tired or you simply want to surprise your beloved person - our food delivery service is here for you from 7am to 10pm - every day. In our healthy food delivery offer we offer you everything that’s in a regular menu. Whether you want a healthy breakfast, such as our protein breakfast, omelette with bacon or you have pizza for lunch or dinner, or grilled meals - Desetka’s delivery is there. All you need to do is call the restaurant, or check out our online menu, then comes the hardest part- to decide which of our many meals you want to eat and after you made the decision, just wait for our fast and friendly delivery person to appear at the address you required.

Coffee bars in Podgorica

There are a lot of coffee bars in Podgorica, but Desetka is an experience. Coffee and cakes are certainly an integral part of everybody's weekend, but Desetka serves fresh desserts made every day, and our baristas are said to make the best coffee in Podgorica, at least according to our guests. Whether you want espresso, cappuccino, or a latte, our bartenders will fulfill all your coffee desires and make a personalized coffee with much effort and knowledge that you will surely remember. And who can resist something sweet while drinking coffee? Have you ever tried Raspberry-masu, a Tiramisu with raspberries? You didn’t? Hurry up to Desetka. Treat yourself to innovative cakes, like Raspberry-masu, tiramisu, cheesecakes and homemade ice cream made by a special recipe and unavoidable - crepes that come in all sorts of varieties.Come and choose something for your sweet tooth and enjoy the beautiful interior of your favorite cafe restaurant in Podgorica - Desetka.

Drinks in Podgorica

Drinks in Podgorica are a distinct category of fun and experience to remember. The legend says that people once agreed to go out for one drink and afterwards went home, this is still a legend for us, and European research agrees with us by showing that Montenegrins, along with Bosnians, Serbs and Croats, spend at least 2 hours a day at cafes and bars. We in Desetka know why. Our irresistible interior, amazing staff, a positive atmosphere and a variety of non-alcoholic and hot drinks, alcoholic drinks and cocktails and a rich wine card are the reason why it is difficult to break away from the best café in Montenegro. If you have heard of Podgorica, you have also heard of famous Montenegrin brandies - rakijas made from apricot, quince or plum which you can taste at our bar. We offer over 10 types of beer, over 20 types of hot and soft drinks and, among our visitors, the most popular - over 40 types of cocktails. If you are indecisive, our welcoming staff will be very happy to advise you which of the many drinks is ideal for you. During the weekend mornings the most popular drinks are certainly our detox juices. Try Lemonana-mint lemonade, Detox or Immuno Elixir juice, or even better- make organic juices with ingredients of your choice. If you want to have the best coffee or relax with a glass of top-quality Montenegrin wine or simply have fun while enjoying cocktails - take the road to Desetka and make a toast with us, we are waiting for you!