Night life

One of the vital things that make a place desirable to visit is the nightlife and a wide range of events such as concerts, themed parties, live music and karaoke. Regardless of your preferences when it comes to music, drinks and food - Desetka meets all the requirements. Visit us and have crazy fun!

Nightlife in Podgorica

Nightlife in Podgorica should be experienced. Despite being one of the smallest European capital towns, Podgorica is well known for its amazing nightlife. Great clubs and bars, crazy parties that last until the early morning hours and beautiful people of Montenegro make the Podgorica’s nightlife recognizable around the world.

Most clubs and bars are located in the very center of the town, such as in one of the main streets – Njegoševa Street, which is known as the "street of bars", but as Podgorica is a small town, you can reach everything by a short walk or a cheap taxi ride. Many bars in Podgorica are open until midnight or early morning hours, but the fun does not stop then.

Clubs in Podgorica usually open their doors around midnight and are open all night. As usual, most of the nightlife happens during the weekend, but there are clubs that are open all week round - just like Desetka. Admission to most clubs is free, but it is necessary to book a table in advance.

The age limit for consuming alcoholic beverages in Montenegro is 18 years and all clubs require a personal document check before you are allowed to enter the club or to be served an alcoholic drinks. The nightlife in Podgorica is waiting for you.

Nightlife in Desetka

Nightlife in Desetka is a truly unique experience. Since Desetka is a special restaurant bar, here you can enjoy the perfect food, drink great coffee our baristas make just for you during the day, and enjoy a crazy time during night hours.

Desetka, which is ranked among the best clubs in Podgorica, redefines the nightlife in town and creates a new experience of nightlife. Stunning interior, vibrant lighting, comfortable seating and a special atmosphere make Desetka the best nightclub in Podgorica. Our staff will continue to prepare a top night experience.

The innovative interior brings to our club a more active and energetic nightlife. Our offer of live concerts and thematic parties is what places Desetka among the best clubs in Podgorica. The atmosphere that is recognizable among our guests is absolutely unique in the town and everyone will tell you that there is no place like Desetka.

Our mission is to bring a funny, fresh, energetic and different experience of Podgorica. Here our guests can find a unique entertainment that is inspired by our constant desire to offer Podgorica's nightlife as something unique. We believe that our advantage is a specially decorated interior, a wide range of drinks and, last but not the least, our friendly staff who are fully dedicated to guests and that is a step forward to make our club one of the top nightclubs in Montenegro.

Beverage bottles ordering

The service of ordering beverage bottles in Podgorica is available in many bars and clubs, as well as in Desetka. We offer a wide range of alcoholic drinks such as traditional Montenegrin brandy, numerous types of vodka, whiskey, tequila, beer and a rich wine list consisting of high quality Montenegrin and foreign wines.

The price of our ordering service of bottled drinks is very affordable, and the prices of drinks range from just 1.5 euro, which makes this club a perfect destination for great outings. Our friendly staff will take care to give you advice if you have any doubts or cannot decide which drink you want to order. We also offer a large number of cocktails prepared by the cocktail master in front of you.

VIP nightlife in Podgorica

VIP nightlife in Podgorica is in high demand because it is the capital town of Montenegro. The staff in Desetka is highly trained and extremely professional in order to be able to meet the requirements of VIP guests.

Special menus tailored to sophisticated desires, made from fresh, organic and premium ingredients, with special Montenegrin spices, are changed daily, and our masters in the kitchen are continuously improving their skills. VIP treatment includes only the best of what Montenegro has to offer.
Book a VIP table in the club and enjoy the VIP treatment.

Restaurant - bars Podgorica

Restaurant bars in Podgorica are not very common, but Desetka is such a place when it comes to the fusion of restaurants and nightlife. Our kitchen is open until 10pm and the bar is open until 2am, 7 days a week, which means you can enjoy dinner and stay in a fun evening out.

Thus, Desetka is a place for hedonists who enjoy gourmet delicacies, people with refined taste and those who want to have a good time and not to agree to anything less than that. Simply put, this is a place you only need to visit once to come back and enjoy the great food and atmosphere. Table bookings are required in Desetka. Book a table on time, get away from everyday life and dive into a completely different world.

Sport bars in Podgorica

Looking for a sport bar in Podgorica? Desetka is the perfect place to enjoy the transmission of any sport.

Whether it's the Champions League, Euroleague, NBA, Olympics, waterpolo championships, boxing, tennis or UFC match - watch the game with the appropriate special food and drink offers. While cheering for your favorite club, national team or player, you can enjoy some of your favourite dishes - chicken wings or sausages with a mug of one of the many beers we offer.

Montenegro is well-known in the world of sports. Our waterpolo players, basketball players and handball players are worldwide famous and because of them Montenegrins are a proud sports nation, so it is not surprising that we take all sport events seriously. Book a table, join us and enjoy your favorite sport with a plate of great food, drinks by your choice in a great atmosphere surrounded by hearty Montenegrins.

Live music in Podgorica

Live music in Podgorica is the most sought after program when it comes to nightlife. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a good time with friends while live music is playing?

Club Desetka has a live music program throughout the week. The program consists of live acoustic music for a romantic atmosphere, regional pop star concerts, traditional Montenegrin music concerts, tribute bands and many other live programs.

If you are looking for the perfect evening out with live music in Podgorica - Desetka is here for you.

Browse our calendar of events and find something that suits your taste, book a table and enjoy a top meal or a glass of fine wine with the perfect musical background.

Wine bars in Podgorica

Wine bars in Podgorica are must visit places if you want to try the highest quality wines from Montenegro. But not random.

Desetka bar is the right place to visit if you want to learn all the secrets of Montenegrin wines. Favorable climatic and geographical position - near Skadar Lake, near the Adriatic Sea, give Montenegrin grapes everything they need to make the perfect wine. As for the varieties, we must say that black grapes dominate in more than one third of all vineyards in Montenegro.

The most common autochthonous Montenegrin grape varieties are "vranac", which is used for the production of red wine, and "krstač", from which white wine is produced. To get to know Montenegro better, you need to start with its tastes and smells. Montenegrin wines are an irreplaceable part of tradition of this country and its people, so we suggest you come to Desetka and embark on adventures tasting more than 100 quality wines that we have in our selection.