Cooked meals

Throughout our lives, we believe that most of us have been in a situation to ask ourselves whether there is a place where they will be able to eat something “on a spoon”, and that it is in the range of domestic, grandmother’s cuisine. The good news is that there is a place called “Restaurant bar Desetka“. If you are not near your home, and you miss that magical smell and taste of well-known dishes that you have been accustomed to since childhood, in the kitchen of our restaurant we prepare freshly cooked dishes that will satisfy this need.

Stuffed peppers with homemade mashed potatoes: Poetry of gastronomic hedonism, and it feels like at home.

Homemade peas with dried meat: Fans of traditional cuisine know what to choose. Homemade taste in an urban place.

Beans with homemade sausage: With a fresh cabbage salad and a glass of beer, it will pick up the sympathies of even the most demanding gourmets …

Meat in a peasant way with young potatoes in the skin: It goes well with a shop salad or pickle, if you want to make it a bit spicy and indulge in a moment of enjoyment.

Lasagna: Nicely baked, with an intense aroma of parmesan, bechamel sauce and bolognese. The ideal combination with a glass of red wine.

Homemade goulash: Our stew can „stand on the line“ of all housewives from Hungary. Wine, salad, a delicious desert afterwards… What more could you want from life …

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  • Pasulj sa kobasicom i povrce
  • Punjena paprika sa krompir pireom Paprike, mljeveno meso, riža, krompir, mlijeko, puter, paradajz sos, parmezan, začini
  • Grasak sa domacim suvim mesom, povrcem i krompirom
  • Meso na seljacki nacin Svinjsko meso, crni luk, mladi krompir, začini
  • Lazanje Lazanje, mljeveno juneće meso, paradajz sos, trapist, bešamel, rukola, začini
  • Juneci Gulas sa domacim pireom, crni luk, mlijeko, zacini